Case Study

Envoy Air

Envoy Air needed to improve their overall operational performance by identifying the key drivers of low reliability of their fleets. Once the drivers were identified, Envoy would be required to define and implement corrective action plans.

Case Study

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft

The Commercial Aircraft division of Bombardier required a data-based solution that would:

  • Reduce their internal costs
  • Allow an increase in monthly data processing capability,
  • Improve the quality of data processed,
  • Eliminate their backlog to provide Operators with regularly scheduled, currently relevant reliability reports to effectively support the health and safety their worldwide fleet of aircraft.


Airlines are initially constrained by the maintenance check intervals established by the OEM through the MSG-3 process.

While it’s true that most OEM’s work to escalate these certified intervals, this activity can often be delayed by other priorities. As a result, airlines in most countries may seek local approval for escalated check intervals, based on a statistical more

One of the basic truths in the airline industry is that a lack of Arrival and Departure Punctuality is costing airlines millions.

Airlines are losing money every time an aircraft is not flying per schedule. Delays as little as 10 minutes can, depending on a number of related factors, cost airlines more

Airlines typically use a variety of reliability measures to assess the performance of their operations. One of these, and the most widely quoted in press releases, is the Completion Rate.

The Completion Rate is basically a function of cancellations and diversions. And while it may average up to 99.00%, it does not reflect the accurate or complete picture of any airline’s more

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