An integrated solution designed to put the power of advanced analytics, machine learning and predictive modeling in the reach of medium size businesses. Using Prism’s advanced capabilities and our talented engineers and data scientists will allow you to maximize your focus on what matters most to you and your organization – Growing your business.

Learn how you can maximize your growth potential with improvements in asset availability, close ratios and customer acquisition and retention. Request your free data quality assessment.
MATBI integrates the power of MAT Analytics, MAT Data Integration and MAT Visualization. Its continuously recalibrating peak performance models and advanced visualizations is quickly becoming an invaluable decision support approach for business leaders who need to quickly and confidently respond to changes in their business environments.
STATbi is the foundation for our NLP engine, advanced machine learning and CEP engine capabilities. For our #datamatters clients, these capabilities mean they can now make decisions about the future with a high degree of confidence.


Prism looks at past and present data from internal and external sources. It uses this data to predict the future for business operations events; and does so with a compelling degree of certainty. Whether these predictions are about unscheduled downtime, demand fluctuations, customer attrition or new customer acquisition they all have one thing in common – data. You can learn what opportunities are hidden in your data by requesting a free data assessment.
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