Through the processing of client-supplied data on a range of trends and events, we analyze, recommend, then implement and manage the processes required to improve operational efficiency, reliability and behavior.

Data Entry

Data Entry

We offer secure & confidential front-end data entry for technical, operational, financial and business data. To eliminate duplication, all raw data in any format is cleansed and verified. These automated functions dramatically reduce data processing times, which in turn, promote quick turnaround.

Our automated solutions dramatically reduce data processing times, providing clients with the quick turnaround that best assists their operations.

Raw data, secured and backed up, can be received in multiple formats, and then entered electronically with appropriate event coding providing practical relevance to RCM clients. Our formatted data improves their own further analyses.

Advance Data Management

Advanced Data Management

Advanced Data Management includes manipulation of data, output file creation and specific report generation to address data sources as well as customer-sensitive operational, servicing or maintenance events.
Data Management, more complex than Data Entry, provides clients with confidential results that involve a series of steps necessary to accomplish improvements in operational reliability and cost management.

This RCM area of expertise, highly flexible and responsive to client needs, involves manipulating data and involving our expert review including:

  • Data’s sources
  • Collection processes
  • Event validation
  • Customer-sensitive event review

All data is entered electronically and formatted with appropriate event coding, which offers clients both practical relevance and future utility.

Specific reports, in secure, backed-up files, are outputted, typically describing improvements operational, servicing or maintenance events demanding improvement.

Data Mining

Data Mining & Analysis

This service extends beyond Data Entry and Data Management, and delivers more reliable analysis, which in turn promotes highly accurate BI insights. From this process we produce strategic analyses of events.

All data is analyzed intensely to uncover the evolution of trends, scheduled and unscheduled events, (both controllable & uncontrollable), consistencies and variances in operational activity and behaviour.
Secure, backed up confidential reports may include:

  • Reliability Analyses
  • Capital Equipment Maintenance Cost Analyses
  • Detailed Dashboard Reports




RCM’s consultative evaluations help improve operational reliability and technical and cost management.

Consulting engagements have involved:

  • Organizational structure and communication
  • Process improvement
  • Monitoring, compliance
  • Operational strengths/weaknesses
  • Implementation training

Our work plan recommendations institute short, mid and long-term operational enhancements.


As you would expect, we work with proprietary state-of-the-art BI processing software to facilitate our services and provide our clients with the accuracy, speed and quality of reporting they need to move their BI processes forward efficiently and effectively.



Our 360° Solution For All Types Of Business Analysis.

MAT Business Intelligence, or MATBI, is our comprehensive, business intelligence software solution.

MATBI integrates the power of MAT Analytics and MAT Data Integration to provide valuable insight management and predictive analysis calculations.



Making Advanced Statistical Analysis For Very Large Data Sets Both Doable & Affordable

STATBI was developed as an in-house solution to run advanced statistics and handle large data sets in a server environment.

Built on a proven technology foundation, STATBI is an excellent alternative to the majority of commercially available STATs software. It matches all the functionality of the major statistical software, but at a substantially lower cost.

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