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Since 2003, RCMBT has provided decision support technologies for the aerospace industry to assist our customers to capture, analyze and transform reliability data into action plans that improve aircraft availability. Our analysis generates technical reliability insights produced with machine-enabled pattern analysis, forward-looking maintenance planning with algorithm-driven failure predictions. Operators can now develop maintenance action plans with priority scheduling assisted by our Cause Analysis recommendation engine.

Our strategy continues to emphasize accessible technology solutions for our core aerospace market segments. These segments are characterized by technology aware aerospace leaders seeking proven solutions to maximize aircraft availability at an affordable cost. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing flat-learning-curve technology and ready-for-action insights to help aerospace tech-ops leaders to efficiently increase technical reliability.
RCMBT’s reliability services include a full feature SaaS-based Reliability Decision Support System (RDSS). RDSS is a turn-key solution that requires zero data entry by users and no IT infrastructure expenditure. Our service packages allow customers to select from options that include full reliability analysis outsourcing, maintenance and materials support or standalone Enhanced Reliability Reporting or Reliability Data Preparation and Management.

RCMBT’s Head-office is located in Richmond Hill,
Ontario, Canada.

Gordon supported organizations and clients with their revenue growth, cost reduction  and  organization effectiveness initiatives for over three decades. Prior to RCMBT, he held positions as EVP operations, North America at Proudfoot Consulting,  Managing director and SVP at PwC, Associate Partner at IBM Global Services and Director at Deloitte. His executive roles included  Chief Transition Officer for a national telecommunications carrier, Corporate Controller for a Brokerage firm and President & CEO of a Canadian custom software development company. He also held senior roles in banking and wealth management. 

Prior to RCM, Paul has over 4 decades in various roles in the aerospace industry. Most of  the formative years of his career was with Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. At Bombardier, his responsibilities included reliability and cost management, technical support and customer support. His extensive in-the-field experience and program management expertise is a huge confidence booster for our clients who rely on us  to deliver to their time sensitive deadlines. Paul is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Aerospace Engineering program. Paul is a licensed commercial pilot.

Jaspal manages technology operations for RCM. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Concordia university and is a Sigma Black Belt Agent. He has accumulated more than 3 decades of data management experience in his various leadership roles in data intensive environments  in the aerospace industry. He combined his technical expertise and business process capabilities to lead the teams who design components that sit at the core of  our advanced analytics platform.

David holds a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has over 4 decades of experience in the commercial aviation maintenance industry. David participated in the development of Havilland’s Dash 8 turboprop aircraft. He also worked on the Series 300 stretch derivative, led the advance design teams for the Series 400 high speed variant and the CRJ 700 stretch. As Vice President, Customer Support, Regional Aircraft he was responsible for customer satisfaction and customer relationship management for Bombardier’s global fleet of more than 2,000 aircrafts.

Corporate responsibility is imbedded in our culture at RCMBT.

It helps guide the decisions we make as a company.

RCMBT’s Core Values are as follows:


We will conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and with the highest standards of ethics and honesty. Our employee and others who act on behalf of RCMBT must comply with all laws and regulations that apply in the location in which they are conducting RCMBT’s business.


We will treat our colleagues and customers with respect and dignity, and we will maintain a safe, fair and inclusive work environment. RCMBT recognizes that its continuing success depends on the contributions of all its employees. We expect our employees to treat each other with dignity, respect and fairness. Our goal is to maintain a safe and welcoming work environment in which every employee is encouraged to contribute to our collective success and the success of the Company.


We will strive to enhance the value of the company by acting in the best interests of the Company while embracing our core values. In our professional conduct, as employees of the company it is critical that we maintain the trust and  confidence of our customers. We are committed to respecting the commercial arrangements agreed to with them and operating our businesses in a responsible and lawful manner.


RCMBT’s current reliability analysis and reporting services reflect the goal of its founding engineers, Paul Vascotto and Jaspal Phull, to make fact-based reliability data much more accessible to all functional areas within the technical operations group of airlines. Over the past 2 decades each of RCMBT’s product development iterations resulted in service enhancements that continue to edge ever closer to the realization of that goal.

For example, first iteration services involved capturing reliability data from disparate sources, cleaning and parsing the data into relatable chunks and coding to standards. This allowed customers to have a single source of reliability data for decision making. The need for high quality data became the catalyst for RCMBT’s development of it sophisticated data cleansing and data preparation environments. Today RCMBT’s data preparation environments serve as the front end for our AI technology cluster. Its zero-tolerance approach to poor data quality allow customers to take full advantage of advances in machine learning techniques; confident that they can rely on the reliability patterns presented by their data.
The improvement in data capture techniques and subsequent advances in data quality led to the creation of enhanced data analysis and more tightly focused reliability reporting. Reports became more comprehensive and to better satisfy the need of all the major technical reliability stakeholders including engineering, reliability specialist, materials and maintenance.
Advances in technology set the stage for the next level of RCMBT’s evolution with the launch of its Reliability Decision Support System (RDSS). This SaaS-based solution gives customers a closed-loop tool with a single repository for accessing reliability data, forward looking predictions for potential removals and pattern analysis for historical unscheduled removals. In addition, RDSS provides a 360-degree view to all technical reliability solution contributors within an organization’s tech ops functions, enhancing cross- function collaboration and speeding up problem resolution.

Finally, we combined these developments into our full-service reliability offering. Customers with  RDSS have the option to take advantage of RCMBT’s Virtual Reliability Center – a RCMBT staffed outsourcing facility providing reliability services tailored to accommodate the varied needs of our aerospace customers.

While much has changed in the aerospace industry, the need to safely maximize aircraft availability remains a constant. With the launch of its Virtual Reliability Center  RCMBT continues to create practical solutions to help customers, cost effectively, achieve and sustain their availability goals.