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Since 2003, RCMBT has provided decision support technologies for the aerospace industry to assist our customers to capture, analyze and transform reliability data into action plans that improve aircraft availability. Our analysis generates technical reliability insights produced with machine-enabled pattern analysis, forward-looking maintenance planning with algorithm-driven failure predictions. Operators can now develop maintenance action plans with priority scheduling assisted by our Cause Analysis recommendation engine.

Our strategy continues to emphasize accessible technology solutions for our core aerospace market segments. These segments are characterized by technology aware aerospace leaders seeking proven solutions to maximize aircraft availability at an affordable cost. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing flat-learning-curve technology and ready-for-action insights to help aerospace tech-ops leaders to efficiently increase technical reliability.
RCMBT’s reliability services include a full feature SaaS-based Reliability Decision Support System (RDSS). RDSS is a turn-key solution that requires zero data entry by users and no IT infrastructure expenditure. Our service packages allow customers to select from options that include full reliability analysis outsourcing, maintenance and materials support or standalone Enhanced Reliability Reporting or Reliability Data Preparation and Management.

RCMBT’s Head-office is located in Richmond Hill,
Ontario, Canada.