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For almost two decades RCMBT worked with innovative leaders of airlines and OEMs to assist them redefine their approach to reliability improvement. In many cases, redefining the status quo enabled the implementation of cost-effective solutions that helped them to achieve their desired aircraft availability goals.

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Reliability Decision Support

RCM developed an AI platform which powers its Reliability Decision Support System (RDSS) to give customers a “look into their future reliability performance”. RDSS’ architecture aligns with the desire of our customers to achieve and maintain targeted technical reliability goals best achieved with collaboration across all reliability functions. RDDS supports this by reliability data pattern analysis that generates outcomes to support mitigation actions from Engineering, Maintenance, and Materials.

With RDSS, RCM continues to support the need for financial discipline and the “speed-to-value” necessities of our aerospace customers by identifying preventative steps with adequate lead time to take actions to maximize aircraft availability. RDSS is cloud-based. It does not require additional IT expenditure; it does not require users to input data and most users are productively up-and-running after a 45-minute RDSS orientation session.

Reliability Data Management

Collecting, cleaning and preparing reliability data for reliability analysis is integral to the reliability function. RCMBT’s data management tools and data analysts is an important life-line for customers requiring high quality reliability data to support their internal reliability management functions. Processed data is made available to customers in formats that allows them to quickly put raw data to work with their internal tools for internal analysis and reporting activities. 

Reliability Analysis and Reporting

The goal of our services is to improve technical reliability for aerospace companies, whether large or small, by facilitating cross-function collaboration of technical reliability personnel across the company. Some customers may want to create a collaborative environment to enable maximum improvement to reliability but are not ready for RDSS technology. Our Reliability Analysis and Reporting service satisfies this need. Typical service includes preparation of reliability data and delivery of customized reliability reports for single or multiple fleets..

Virtual Reliability Service Center

Outsourcing maintenance and repairs has become a standard operating approach for many in the aerospace industry. Aerospace leaders who explore the use of our Reliability Service Center are often from traditional airlines or cargo carriers that want their engineers to invest more of their time on corrective actions rather than on data gathering and analysis or LCCs wanting to focus on product and revenue management. Our Reliability Service Center provides customers with all of the benefits of our cloud-based reliability management technology, including data management, analysis and reporting, unscheduled removal predictions and associated preventative actions and cause analysis for faster back-to-service turnaround. Also, with our tiered service level alternatives, Reliability Service Center customers have the option for designated reliability personnel to support their day-to-day reliability analysis needs. In addition, RCMBT’s Reliability Service Center allows aerospace leaders the option of ramp-up, wind-down flexibility to more effectively manage demand swings.