Our Solutions

Reliability Decision
Support System (RDSS)

RCM developed an AI platform which powers its RDSS to give customers a “look” into their future reliability performance”.

RDSS was born by working with innovative, decisive leaders who aspired to achieve maximum aircraft availability at the lowest cost

RDSS provides a look into the future of potential events with a high degree of probability so that events are planned and scheduled to mitigate future unscheduled events.

Reliability as a Service (RAAS)

Traditional reliability analysis services details the current performance and support the client’s functional groups to manage technical, operational, maintenance, logistics events to improve overall reliability and reduce operational costs.

Reviewing historical performance, highlights past and seasonal trends, identifies poor performing components, aircraft, and stations. These historical insights of patterns and trends, allows operators to develop corrective actions plans in support of the CASS mandate and Maintenance Program initiatives.


Reliability Service Center

Outsource of reliability support services providing a Virtual Reliability Team supporting the client.